Thanks so much for your interest in volunteering with us, but we are not accepting volunteers at this time, regardless of vaccination status. We are currently restricting visitation to our facility to staff, essential medical staff and family only. I’m sorry that we cannot accommodate you right now, please check back in the future to see if things have changed!

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We provide a safe place to live; a place to sleep, a space to call their own, delicious food to eat, medication management, common living areas, opportunities to connect with others, music, pets, activities, comfortable surroundings, outside services and arrange and manage medical care as needed.  We cook for them, do their laundry and take care of their housekeeping. We help them participate in life to the best of their ability.

Garden House staff is specially trained for assistance with all activities of daily living including innovative strategies for managing the challenging behaviors of dementia and hospice.  Our residents are pampered as much as they will allow and encouraged to maintain as much independence as they are able, for as long as they are able. Our residents are all over age 60 and most are in their 80s or 90s; a few have been over 100!

In May, 2015 we were honored to be named the 2014 San Luis Obispo Senior Citizen Program of the Year by the Central Coast Commission for Senior Citizens/Area Agency on Aging

Garden House is a licensed Residential Care Facility that provides 24 hour Care for Residents with Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias. 

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Contact:  Rebecca Michel
480 Main Street
Morro Bay, CA 93442
Phone: 805-772-7181

Volunteer Forms

PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING FORMS: You will not be scheduled unless you fill out the Volunteer Forms and email them (a scan or photo is fine). If you are wanting to volunteer with a friend, everyone has to fill out the forms and send them in. You will be turned away at the door if we do not receive them ahead of time. If you do not have access to email, you may fax, drop off, or mail the forms instead. Please allow up to 7 days processing time. We try to get to requests faster, but sometimes life gets in the way! After reviewing your forms, Rebecca will email or call you with some options to come in. Please allow adequate time before you have to complete your service hours. We only allow 3 volunteers at a time, so this limits the available spots to come in. The further ahead of time you are able to get your request in, the greater chance of us being able to accommodate you. Please be sure to check your spam folder if you haven’t heard back. 

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We have plenty of street parking available on both Main Street and South Street. After parking, come to the South Street entrance under the green awning. Please ring the bell and be patient. If someone does not answer after two minutes, ring again. Our caregivers may be busy assisting a resident, especially in the morning hours. Once you are let into our facility, you will need to sign in and fill out a name tag. You will then need to wash your hands (this is to prevent the spread of disease). If you are ill or starting to feel ill, please DO NOT come that day. You can call 772-7181 to let the staff that you will not be coming and email to reschedule once you are feeling better. If you are a no show without calling to let us know that you cannot make it, you will not be rescheduled. After all that you will be ready to volunteer and you will be directed to an activity by our staff.

We love having volunteers and thank you for all of your help!

Volunteer Dress Code

· Pants or leggings worn with an appropriate top. T-shirt from your school or organization is encouraged.
· If you wear leggings you must wear a long tunic top.
· Clothing must be clean, free of stains & holes, and smell freshly laundered
· Hair styles must be well-kept and in good taste. Hair to be worn back and away from the face. Long hair must be styled in a way that it does not swing forward during food preparation or serving; In a bun or ponytail
· Clothing must be appropriately fitted and in good taste AT ALL TIMES while in the facility. Pants must not be longer than the tops of shoes.
· Name tags (will be provided for you) are to be worn and clearly visible.
· Make-up and jewelry are to be worn in moderation.
· Strong perfumes or scents are not to be worn.
· Shoes must be low or no heels, comfortable, closed toe, and non-skid soles.

Volunteer Yard Care and Maintenance

· Weather appropriate shirt and pants. Long shorts are ok for warm weather.
· If you wear leggings you must wear a long tunic top.
· Clothing must be clean, free of stains & holes, and smell freshly laundered
· Name tags (will be provided for you) are to be worn and clearly visible.
· Gloves should be worn when pruning, weeding, trimming or hauling.