In 2017-2018 a group of six Cal Poly freshman in the University Honors Program and dedicated a year to completing a community service project to serve Garden House, Morro Bay and its inhabitants. The students were brought together through the Honors 161/162/163 series, which aims to teach students a sense of broad intellectual curiosity, active engagement in local, regional, and global communities, and a sense of personal and professional efficacy. Their goal with their community service project was to use their growing knowledge of sustainability to create a fiscally responsible, ecologically friendly, and socially engaging space for the residents of Garden House, as well as the neighborhood and community as a whole.

Sponsored by the O’Brien Family & Forest Nurseries

Alexander Ameri (Architectural Engineering)
Matthew Bea (Business Administration)
Jaclyn Charbonneau (Biological Sciences)
Annie Coon (Architecture)
Brianna Edwards (Civil Engineering)
Ella Mahood (Biomedical Engineering)